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Top 10 ways to give a cake WOW factor

Top 10 ways to give a cake WOW factor

Do you ever want to bake a really simple cake that tastes delicious and then just add a ton decorative flare? Well us bakers at Free Cakes For Kids do all the time. So, I decided to do a little research (after a little prompting – thanks Cristina) and here’s my top 10 wow factor cake ideas courtesy of Pinterest – where else?

1. Just add pearls

How cute are the multicoloured pearls on this cake?  Great for adults and kids alike. You can always pipe the pearls on if your feeling brave! I love the colour combination but you could always use just one colour.

Pearl and dots cake

2. Go Sprinkles mad

I made a similar cake to this one for Beau’s birthday last year. Although the kitchen was trashed after I did the sprinkles at speed the cake looked fab. What do you think?

Easy Sprinkle number cake

3. Model some cars… and a track from sugarpaste.

This cake is pure simplicity at it’s best. The racing cars are practically cartoons – very much my kind of cake. I think this is a winner as you can literally make any number the track on a regular rectangle cake. Brilliant!

Racing car Cake

4. Dribble that chocolate

Oh my word! How totally delicious does this cake look? It’s fluffy chocolate cake inside, dripping with chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate dipped strawberries. What’s not to love!

Wowzers Strawberry cake


















5. Add some ribbons and a bow

Although this cake is technically quite difficult – have you ever tried to get sugarpaste to stay neat when in a horizontal direction? the actual design is gorgeous. I would re-create this look in one colour and on one layer. It would still be just as effective.

Gorgeous horizontal stripes | Black and White Wedding Cake

6. Get the paintbrushes out

For a quick and easy design these flowers and butterflies are perfect, but what gives this cake the WOW factor is the way the leaves have been painted on. Have you ever painted on a cake before? it’s so much fun!

Tinkerbell Cake!!! - This is more along what I was thinking.... except no painting!!

7. Make a house

Just the colours on this cake alone make this cake dreamy and every girls first choice. I’m sure it took hours and hours to make but a few simple adaptations would make this possible for even a beginner.

House cake via Pinterest

8. Everyone loves an owl…

and a fox and a hedgehog. The cakes on this pinterest board are so cute and relatively easy to make. I love the pretty colours used and the simple design.  Click on the pic to see the other cakes.

Owl cake













9. Just add tons of M&M’s

I don’t think I could resist picking at this cake; especially if those are peanut M&M’s! I love them and I bet kids would too! Such a clever idea.

M&M birthday cake

10. Pipe some flowers

This cake is decorated using a grass piping nozzle (No. 233 if you’re interested?) They look like hundreds of iced gems don’t you think? I love the colour combinations used. So effective.
Fun and easy cake decorating idea!

So, there you have it. What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any great ideas for creating wow factor in a cake? I’d love to know. Just join the conversation and leave a comment below.



My top 5 cake disaster tips!

Dahlia 2nd birthday cake Last weekend I made a birthday cake for little Dahlia. I can’t quite believe that she is two already! It seems like just yesterday that I made a rainbow cake for her first birthday. It was the first time that I had a cake disaster! I’ve heard many people talk about when they dropped cakes or the dog licked the buttercream when they turned their back for two seconds but luckily it hadn’t happened to me! Till Saturday!  I learnt a few things from my disaster. I will share all!


1. Listen to your intuition

What was I really thinking! I made a cake covered in pink buttercream which was decorated with sprinkles. I didn’t want to have to pick it up to place it on a cakestand (Theoda – Dahlia’s mum is probably the only person who really gets my obsession with cake stands!) so, I secured the cake on a white ceramic cake stand with a dab of royal icing. I then put the cake stand in a big cardboard box and wedged it in place. It felt a bit unstable but I thought as long as I drove the one mile to Theoda’s house it would be okay! My intuition was screaming “WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING YOU. YOU’RE CRAZY. THIS WILL NEVER WORK” Tim, who was watching me  load up the car on what was the hottest day ever said “Oh it will be all right” which in all honesty is what I usually say! I knew it wouldn’t be but I didn’t want to be late so I gave it a go.


2. Don’t travel with a cake on a cakestand. EVER!

So, what happened?

I pulled off my driveway. Slowly. Carefully. I turned the first corner and I heard a ‘pfffwamp’ sound. My heart sank. I knew it was the cake. I hadn’t driven 200m. I got out and looked in the boot and this is what I saw!crushed!

No matter how well you think you have secured your cake and cakestand it’s way too stressful to travel this way. Next time the cake will be put on a very thin board and transferred onto the cakestand at the venue!


3. Don’t shout at your husband who is trying to help! 

Oh dear! Poor Tim. He tried to help and tell me how to salvage the cake and what did he get from his ever loving wife? “I KNOW what to do. Who’s the cake decorator around here?” Sorry Tim. I did apologise straight away but I was horrible!


3a. Don’t shout at your kids!!!

Oh dear, Oh dear! Beau came to see what all the commotion was about “Why are you back? What happened to the cake?”  she asked. It took all my strength not to shout at her. I said in a not so calm voice “If ever there was a time to stay away from me, NOW is that time!” And what did my highly sensitive nine year old do? She just shrugged her shoulders and walked off to find the nearest TV. Not a peep out of her! Sometimes she really does surprise me.

She got big kisses before I left for a second time to deliver the cake by the way. She just wanted to get to the party so she could see Dahlia and her dog!


4. Don’t Panic

This should probably have been tip number 1. I didn’t panic as much about the cake as I did about being late! I’m always late and I really hate that. I took the cake inside the house and lifted it out of the box to asses the damage. Not as bad as I expected. The top was dented on both sides but I was lucky. Had this cake been covered in sugarpaste I wouldn’t have been able to fix it. As it was I scraped off the damaged area and just piled a load of excess buttercream on top, smoothed it to hide the mis-shape and added a few more sprinkles.

I had originally spent quite a long time getting the cake all even – as Tim is always telling me they are wonky so I work really hard at perfecting that. This cake was far from perfectly flat!

Sprinkle birthday cake

5. Make a mess if it means getting the cake fixed

So, to fix the cake I had to add more sprinkles. Lots more! When I added sprinkles to the finished cake first time round I was slow and methodical. The cake was positioned over a tray which caught most of the stray strands. Now I was in such a rush that I just left all the mess behind. No tray, no method! Buttercream, big black mixing bowl full of sprinkles, sprinkles on the worktop, sprinkles in the fruitbowl, sprinkles on the floor. Mess EVERYWHERE!

Messy baker!Tim is so good. He just leaves me to it! I walked away leaving the kitchen like a bomb had gone off! A bright and colourful bomb, but a messy one no less! He really does have the patience of a saint. Tim I so love you!


All’s well that ends well. 

So, I fixed the cake. Put it on a plate NOT a cakestand and delivered it. I was only 20 minutes late! And did Dahlia like it? Well, put it like this. Before we even started to sing happy birthday and the cake was cut she was scooping up sprinkles and buttercream on her finger and eating it.  I think it was a winner!Happy birthday Dahlia x

Happy Birthday gorgeous Dahlia. We love you.

So tell me, what are your cake disasters then? I’m sure I’m not the only one! I’d love to hear your stories.

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