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Wedding cakes

Getting naked… Don’t worry it’s cakes not me!

So, have you seen the trend for naked cakes yet? I really love the look of them but they do have a lot of downsides. Firstly there’s no fun with sugarpaste when you make them! ┬áSecondly there’s no sugarpaste to hide any mistakes (including wonky stacking or gaps in fillings). And thirdly……. No, I can’t …

Wedding cakes

Cherry and marzipan cake with orange blossom syrup and toasted pistachios

On Saturday I posted an interview with the lovely Rebecca Smith, Deputy Food Editor at ‘Delicious’ magazine. After the interview came her amazing cake recipe, but as the page was so long I think some people may have missed it, so here it is again in all it’s glory. I baked the cake yesterday for …

Wedding cakes

Meet the Expert: Rebecca Smith- Deputy Food Editor at Delicious Magazine

I first met Rebecca when she came to work on Woman and Home Magazine. She and the Food Editor, Jane Curran sat opposite me and the Homes team and let me tell you I learnt a thing or two from that dynamic duo. I also got to do a lot of taste testing for them- …

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