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FAQ: How to use Sugar Syrup on Cakes?

FAQ: How to use Sugar Syrup on Cakes? Ahhh Sugar Syrup. My new and most amazing discovery! It’s the small things that seem to make the biggest difference in my baking. I hadn’t even heard of sugar syrup until I went to the Peggy Porschen sugar roses class last year. I mean I had heard of it …

Cakes FAQ's

FAQ: How long can I store a cake before eating it.

One of the questions I seem to have been asked a lot recently is “How long can I keep a Madeira cake for?” The official answer is 1 week in an airtight container and 3 months when frozen. How long I keep it for. PHASE ONE: When I have a cake to make for a Saturday …

Cakes FAQ's

FAQ: How to stop your cake baking too quickly on the outside

Frequently Asked Questions: How to stop your cake baking too quickly on the outside  Just look at this beautiful 10″ Madeira cake. If you follow me on my Facebook page you’ll have seen this cake already. I made it back in November and had a little play with baking a cake that didn’t finish baking …

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