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Cakes FAQ's

FAQ: How long can I store a cake before eating it.

One of the questions I seem to have been asked a lot recently is “How long can I keep a Madeira cake for?” The official answer is 1 week in an airtight container and 3 months when frozen. How long I keep it for. PHASE ONE: When I have a cake to make for a Saturday …


6 to 12″ in 60 seconds (aka Madeira cake ingredients for different size cake tins)

6 to 12″ in 60 seconds: Madeira cake ingredients I have to say that I have been bowled over by how many questions I have been asked about Madeira cake since I started this blog. I mean if you check out my first post on it there are over 200 comments! So I shouldn’t have …

Cake Pops Chocolate How to...

How to make cake pops

I mentioned yesterday that I had never tried to make cake pops before. I think it’s because I read a hysterically funny blog post somewhere (years ago) where the person trying to make them made a complete mess of it! They weren’t round, the candy melts wouldn’t stick, the sticks wouldn’t stick and her disaster stuck in my mind. So …

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