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Labour Day and ‘that’ peach pie

  A few weeks ago, along with a bunch of mummy and foodie bloggers I was invited to see a preview of the new film ‘Labour Day’. I have to admit I was a bit miffed as to how I was going to link this film to my baking blog. Then about 30 minutes into the …

Cakes Interview with an expert

My fave baking bloggers Interview: Frugal Feeding

Meet Nick from Frugal His is one of the first blogs I ever started following. I remember seeing his Welsh cakes whilst sitting on a train platform heading into London wishing I was back home so I could make them immediately, melt some butter on top and devour right away! I also made his tiramisu …


Get discounted cake supplies from my favorite cake shop

Hello all, I have some great news for you today. You know how I am always talking about those lovely cake ladies at my local cake decorating shop, saying how they are the font of all cake decorating knowledge? Well guess what? They have given me a super, duper discount code for all your baking, …

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