I love a good pastry mat !

Ikea baking sheet

I found this pastry mat on a recent trip to IKEA. I wasn’t looking for baking stuff. I was actually buying a mattress, but you know how it is in IKEA, you go in for a box of glasses and come out £100 lighter!

I’ve been meaning to replace my pastry mats for a while now. I have this annoying habit of cutting sugarpaste on them with a scalpel and not surprisingly I slice right through the mat!

This double sided mat is made of silicon and is really easy to clean and use. It has handy weight and temperature conversion chart on one side.  It also comes with a cute heart shaped spatula which has a really thin, flat end- great for picking up small cake decorations. The heart shape can be used to press into cookies or icing to make a pattern. You can also use the shapes and numbers on each side to create more decorations by icing over them, leaving them to dry and popping them onto cakes or cupcakes.

It’s a great buy!

Sockerkaka baking sheet set, £8.99, Ikea


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12 Comments on Best for baking- silicon pastry mat

  1. I knew I should have bought this item when I was last in ikea but was worried it wouldn’t be good. Need to go back to get it now!

    • Ah we all know that you can’t go to IKEA just to buy one thing/ You have to buy some napkins, a picture frame and a few odds and ends too! Or is that just me?

  2. Oh, looking at your post is like looking in a mirror. Your pics look just like mine with that silicon mat. The only downside is that I didn’t get to eat that cake ;0( It looks soooooo good!

    The Mat is good isn’t it? I am trying really hard not to cut through this one when I’m cutting the sugarpaste! I must learn that lesson!

    Thanks for linking hun. So thoughtful


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